Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recap pt. 1- Joining the throngs of the unemployed

October 15th was my last post and now we're on the very cusp of December! Wow time does fly. So what happened in pall that time? Well it turns out lots! The biggest change being that I left my corporate job (that was a very good job I must say, but was a bit soul sucking due to my lack of interest or aptitude in the the given field). I had been looking to make a switch to something more artsy friendly for a while and sadly for the company and many of my colleagues, the team decided to wind down business within the last few months. So I suppose I was given an easy out as I did not really chose to leave but was laid off. However I am grateful for the kick in the pants it gave me to get back on track with a career path that will truly bring me joy, with a bit of a severence to help cushion the transition. So as to that career path... I'm completely lost. My instinct is to return to teaching in some capacity which I really love. Especially at the primary school level. Singing babies is about the most heart warming experience you can have :) However I have this strong, burning desire to work for myself in a creative capacity. I have a few ideas of the direction I can take with this, so I suppose I will be tossing these things around in my head for the next few weeks in the hopes that a super plan emerges. Anyone out in bogland have any experience/tips for changing careers or starting your own business? What was the driving force that helped you jump in feet first? What do you wish you had known when making this switch. I know I enjoy working independently and spending the day in pajamas/work out attire, but I suspect there is more to it than that :) and what about structure? How did you plan your path when you could still barely even see two steps ahead?
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