Thursday, October 6, 2011

Resource Furniture

Image and Article via Apartment Therapy

This post on Apartment therapy is blowing my mind right now! I've seen similar space saving furniture items, but this company seems to be a bit more modern, diverse and ..SLICK! Anyone into Euro/Scandinavian minimalistic design would love their pieces but they would also work for a less modern space as they blend in so easily. What a life changer for city folk. In a world where even young professionals are being priced out of Manhattan, and even Brooklyn and Queens for that matter. I can smaller apartments/studios fitted with this type of functional furniture becoming a trend in the near future. How very Jetsons.

Time to start checking out studios in the village if that's the case! (In my mind Resource Furniture has the same price point as Ikea....don't ruin my dream..) ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pet Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know who's ready? Rupert's ready! Or should I say, Long John Rupert!


How do you feel about pets in costume? Cruel or cute? I'm generally mixed. This hat cracked me up and for 6 dollars, I had to have it, but I don't think I will ever have him wear it for an extended amount of time. I suppose as long as your pet is comfortable and happy, no worries.

Anyone dressing up their pet for Halloween? If you are in need of a costume, check out these hilarious offerings from Target (also where pirate hat came from). They have an amazing metallic shark, a taco with a little sombrero that had me in stitches, and a raptor.. yes a raptor that makes me squeal with glee! I still keep going back to look at it for a laugh. It may be my favorite costume ever!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Cords, Striped top: Gap; Chambray Shirt: Loft; Blouse: Target; Watch: Fossil

Corduroy has been making a come back in the last few years. This year I decided to hop aboard that fuzzy, soft, bandwagon. Gap has some great cord options in both a boot cut and an "ankle legging style." What would you nickname that? cegging? leg-roy. I think I like leg-roy.

So I got 2 pairs of the leg-roy version; one in aubergine (Daryll calls them my Prince pants. For surely every day I wear them is 1999.) and one in the rust color.

As far as pairings go, I have been wearing them with 3 tops. This chambray shirt from Loft, this navy blouse from Target for fancy days, and this stripey top, also from gap, when I'm in a cozy mood. Any mariner stripe tops in black or navy would look cool too or a great big cozy sweater. Loving them with both heels and jeans, or maybe some cute booties?

How would you style them?

Like Crazy

I'm so excited to see this movie that I'm not even that sad that they totally stole my idea ;) For anyone who has ever been in an "international romance" where you are citizens of 2 different countries, or hell, even those who have been in normal long distance relationships, this is sure to tug on your heart strings. Ooo and that immigration scene in the trailer strikes fear deep in the heart of this transcontinental wife! Since D and I got together, I had felt like ours was a very modern unsung story. A story about the heart break and love rush of a nearly impossible relationship in a world where very few things are truly out of reach. Life's bitter sweet circumstances are more bitter than sweet when you are in the thick of it, but seeing it through the eyes of someone else, especially a talented filmmaker, you realize how beautiful and delicious it can be.

P.S.  Ingrid Michaelson's cover of "Fools Rush In" is so perfect in every way it makes my heart hurt.

P.P.S It is coming to theaters Oct. 28th!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Going Home Again

Finishing up my summer weekend fun posts that I have been neglecting, is a bit about our trips up to the Berkshires this summer. I was born and raised in western MA before moving with my family to the dirty dirty, or New Orleans as some call it. However, I am fortunate enough that my Grandma still lives in the area and I am able to visit with her as much as possible in the same house that I spent many a childhood weekend now that, of course, our old house has been long bought and sold. It's a sad thing to move away from a much loved childhood home, to only be allowed a quick glance as you drive through town. You imagine driving up the driveway and walking up the stairs to find everything in its place exactly as you left it, it's your house after all. It raised you along with your parents, as a fixture in every childhood memory, surely that entitles you to some prior claim. I long to run through the yard, do some cartwheels, and pick a few apples from my tree, which I'm sure has withered away by now, and take a nap in the hammock. I used to tell my parents that I was never leaving our house. That when I grew up I would build a small house in the back yard and stay there forever. But as they say, you can't go home again, not really.

The Inn next door to our house where I spent many a day as a babysitter

"You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood ... back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame ... back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time — back home to the escapes of Time and Memory."

but you can come close. Make something new. Share your old family memories with your new family. That's why I feel so fortunate that we are still able to make the trip. I am still able to share some of my past life with my new husband. He is able to see the swimming holes where we learned how to swim and cliff jump, go to Tanglewood where I spent every summer of my young life visiting and listening to James Taylor, Beethoven, Mozart, John Williams and more while looking at the stars.

Sitting at my Grandma's table while we share a meal together, and Smores around the fire pit at our family's farm. Experiencing these things together strengthens how important they are. How important they were in shaping who I am today, and how much I look forward to passing them on to the next generation when the simple things like tradition are so easily lost. It helps him feel a part of my family, a part of my past life, present life and future life. It helps fill in the gaps and make us whole. And spending time with family, especially Grandmas.. that never gets old. There is never enough time, but I'm glad we can make the most of the time we do have here. You can't go home again, but you can come close.

Bus Fail!

For most people who live in a big city, public transport can be one of the biggest daily buzz kills out there. To start, you have the unpredictable/non existent transit timetables. Depending on the day, weather, traffic and who your driver or operator has been chatting with, the times between buses and trains can run the gamut from 30 seconds to a half hour or more. (It really is quite the crap shoot, and I have not mastered the art of leaving an hour early for every trip I make to accommodate MTA shenanigans. Especially when said destination in only a mere 15 minutes away.) Once you figure out the general time a bus or train is likely to make an appearance; your plight is still not over. You face sardine-like accommodations, grimy seats, trash strewn floors and surly, grouchy passengers that may or may not have similar personal hygiene/person space ideals as your own. This goes with the territory of being a city dweller. For enjoying the perks of not having to own a car and having a ride and designated driver all hours of the night. For a whole heap of hilarious and outrageous subway anecdotes all New Yorkers seem to have filed away in their memory. For the amazing and unusual performances we get to witness on a daily basis miles under the city. Public transit can be a good thing at times, but more often than not, a daily curse. So, that being said, I was more than dismayed this morning when, apart from the usual "barely passable" service received from the MTA, my fellow passengers and I had to endure the ever exciting "bus driver with a power trip" experience during our morning commute. This woman had a mission, and it was not "picking and dropping off passengers." Noting the "Next Bus Please" ticker on the front of the bus, we knew things were not looking good. Several buses had already passed or not shown up entirely, at our stop, and most of the people I was waiting with had the "I'm late for work wiggles." The bus stopped and did not open the front door, only the back to allow the passengers getting off to exit. Fair enough, I've seen plenty of buses bursting at the seams do this, however upon closer inspection, another woman and myself noticed that there was a ton of room in the back of the bus, and no one moving to accommodate at the front. This also happens quite frequently, so we hopped on through the back door, planning to pay our fare on the way out (I have a monthly metro pass so no biggie). Again many drivers let you do this when it is very cramped up front. Then the sh*t storm started. She was loud and in charge. "GET OFF THE BUS, GET OFF THE BUS NOW OR I'M NOT MOVING! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A BUS DRIVER LIKE ME BEFORE." She was right, I haven't because most enjoy remaining employed. We explained that we just need to get to work and there is room down here, but she was nasty, so we got off. As she is about to pull away and we step back to the stop, she decides to show us a choice finger. Not her pointer...not her ring... you get it. So at that point many people were scrambling to take down her number for reporting purposes. Then she either decides to try and make a point or save some face and opens the door and lets passengers on. Bizarre after that tirade. As my fellow ejected passenger and I try to board and pay at the front, she refuses us entry entirely. Apparently because we pushed her authority. Look lady, I just want to get to work. That really is all. I told her to get her power trip elsewhere and left it at that. The poor lady behind me got all sorts of F yous and shut your damn mouth from our ever charming driver. She then swore she would never stop at this stop again. (I have a feeling that's kinda your job) I myself, I am ashamed to say, was not blameless as did call her one choice variation of "witch" as I was ejected the first time, but honestly there was no need for the language that was spewing from her mouth for the next few minutes. At the end of the day, thank god we stood up for ourselves as passengers. We had every right to board that bus and she was not providing service. There was no sick passenger, it was not express, and there was room in the back. If we had missed that bus, everyone at that stop would have been extremely late/already was at that point. The bigger question is, why did it almost "come to blows" as they say? MTA, something is going on, and it needs to be fixed. Apparently they have corrected the financial deficit within the organization, but there is now a serious deficit with regards to service. Buses have been cut and everyone is on edge. I've also heard that the bus drivers are timed, and if the choice comes between making a stop or a pick up and making their time at the depot, they will often blow right past. (I have not yet found an article to back this up, it is just something I had heard that might lead to some sort of explanation as to why this woman felt she did not have to stop for passengers). The saddest part of the whole situation is that, she was slowed down in the end anyway, more passengers were delayed, and everyone on the bus had to witness a lot of negativity, nastiness and choice words. I blush when I remember that kids also ride buses every day. Everyone loses. Next time when I take a stand I will practice taking the high road while not taking no for an answer. Maybe then eventually the daily commute, while a slog, will be a respectful one for rider and driver alike.
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