Thursday, October 6, 2011

Resource Furniture

Image and Article via Apartment Therapy

This post on Apartment therapy is blowing my mind right now! I've seen similar space saving furniture items, but this company seems to be a bit more modern, diverse and ..SLICK! Anyone into Euro/Scandinavian minimalistic design would love their pieces but they would also work for a less modern space as they blend in so easily. What a life changer for city folk. In a world where even young professionals are being priced out of Manhattan, and even Brooklyn and Queens for that matter. I can smaller apartments/studios fitted with this type of functional furniture becoming a trend in the near future. How very Jetsons.

Time to start checking out studios in the village if that's the case! (In my mind Resource Furniture has the same price point as Ikea....don't ruin my dream..) ;)

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