Thursday, July 23, 2015

What's Different!?

Notice anything remarkable about this image? It probably would help if I had posted a before and an after screen shot, but I never though the task would actually be completed! Do you see, down at the bottom, next to the little blue mail icon? Well it used to look a bit like this...

Except with 22,000 unread messages!!!! 

Oh happy day, I've finally cleaned up my inbox. It's a time for celebration! Maybe I'll celebrate this weekend with a bit of shed decluttering....sigh.

You see, this little victory, while only tiny, rounds out the end of 10 long months of slow, determined, life overhaul! Going from maternity leave to working mother really threw me for a loop and I quickly discovered that everything - from our home, to our wardrobe, to our diet - was becoming unmanageable and in some cases unhealthy! So, slowly but surely we started making changes. Decluttering and streamlining our lives one day at a time.  This was my first digital chore and it feels so good. 

My next goal is to get back online and writing anything. No matter how small. Especially about these changes. I've found so many books, blogs and personal conversations so helpful over the last few months while I reoriented myself into this new role, this new self,  and someone a bit lost on their own journey may find comfort or inspiration in some small perspective I may not even know I have. 

 So, my apologies, If I haven't replied to an email you may have sent me in 2010, now you know why....

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