Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Repurposed Wine Bottles

Photo by Kim Fetrow

 I am crushing on these cute cups that I found over on Plastolux. They are made out of cut wine bottles that  were lovingly etched with a sand blaster and some clever templates. Check out the step by step here! They look amazingly easy to do using a cutting kit and etch cream (for those of us without sand blasting access.) Alas, I'm a bit sad that I found these a day too late as we had just tossed a million empty champagne bottles (exaggeration but the mimosas were flowing all morning!) from my bridal shower this weekend. I always hate throwing out pretty bottles and can think of a million uses for these little guys. I am obsessed with the "brush your teeth cup" and can already envision it in the bathroom, while the "chemist" cup would be perfect for cotton balls or Q-tips, or hair ties. You name it! Great idea for votives or vases as well. Oo! At the Plastolux site they also show a set of cups with numbers etched onto them- perfect for you DIY wedding people wanting to combine table numbers and floral arrangements in one elegant flourish! These are probably not the best craft for kids to do, hands on, but they could definitely create their own designs, as well as observe the process. Any ideas on what you would use these for in your own home?

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