Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Uniform

The original weekend top
Mine is navy and white.
I've got a fever, but no, the only prescription is not more cowbell. I'm pretty sure the only prescription is more Mariner striped tops. I'm so addicted guys, it's getting bad. Like 12 step program bad. I guess the only comfort is that I don't actually buy all the tops I covet, just some. But I feel my resolve beginning to crack. I really want more stripey tops. I've been wearing the one pictured on the left like EVERY weekend since I purchased it (along with the ankle pants I bough from Talbot's as well. Those are also an obsession. P.S. the recent Talbot's spring campaign is very cute! And Julianne Moore is stunning in it.). I rationalized this top since it was a bit different from your typical Mariner fare. I also support my addiction on the premise that these tops are serious staple pieces. A Mariner top, well cut jeans, black flats, trench coat, biker boots- they will be your friends for a long time. Seriously every time I wear these items I instantly feel chic (well minus the biker boots....I am stalking those for my next staple purchase.)
Waa waaaa. Before this post went to press, I recently caved and went a little nuts at H&M by purchasing my new favorite. A RED stripey Mariner top.
 This is the first red one I have purchased, and I've now opened the door to a whole new realm of stripey tops. The possibilities are endless. Please someone affirm my choice in french inspired wear, and don't laugh at me when you see me in the same 2 tops every weekend.

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