Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs

They also sell ZAPP'S chips! Best chips ever. Like Cape Cod's dirty older sibling. Much more interesting and exciting but probably really bad for you.

Upon returning from our honeymoon, I was super excited to start blogging again about all things wedding. Then I decided that I would rather wait until we received our professional photo disk in the mail so I could feature some really fancy images of the day and look all professional blogy like......then another month slipped through my fingers..... poop.

It seriously seems like summer months speed by at twice the rate of, say, sleepy ol' January or February. Those definitely feel like the longest ones in my book and before you know it, it's winter again and I have to blog about snowmageddons and boots and shovels and the inside of my apartment...NOOOOO....So before all the hot, sticky, jacket free, sundress wearing deliciousness of summer disappears let's just get to it, and worry about the wedding recap at a later date. Oh the suspense! I know. Any who,  here is a bit about my new summer '11 food favorite, Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs. Yay!

As a New Orleans girl, I was delighted to hear that a fellow NOLA chick, Neesa Peterson, had decided to put her fashion career on hold indefinitely to bring a little summer joy to the Manhattan masses. After a few great write ups like the one linked above, and some guerrilla social media tactics, the little snowball shop got off the ground. With New Orleans people, good food news travels fast. Just a few short day's after their opening, my hometown NOLA loves and I had already visited the shop 2 times, however many more trips are in order to sample all the deliciousness on the MASSIVE menu..
Just a snippet of the massive menu
For those of you who aren't familiar with Snoballs. They are a billion times better than snow cones. They don't even compare to snow cones. Snow cones will break your teeth if you allow them to fuse together. Eating them is a highly unenjoyable experience, save for the 10 seconds it takes for you to suck all the flavor out of them. Snoball are a highly evolved ice creatures in comparison. The special machine used to flake the ice comes straight from New Orleans and makes the fluffiest, snowflake like ice ever. Then you add the flavor. There is a precise process for adding the flavor as well. Each flavor is in a clear glass bottle with masking tape labels (the only way its done in the south!) and is added to the snow in 2 layers. Big scoop of snow...tons of syrup.....big scoop of snow....boat load more syrup and you're done. There is no way to suck out the syrup. It just fuses with the ice, in perfect fluffy sno syrup ice love harmony. My favorite flavors so far and, well, always have been, Almond Cream or Wedding Cake for you southerners, and Ice Cream. The best part is most of these snowballs will only set you back a few calories and one diabetic coma! If you are looking to get a little wild, try the stuffed Snoballs. They are Snowballs with vanilla ice cream on top. Scandalous! Best with the Birthday Cake flavor. Or get condensed milk. Also very good with the Birthday cake. Can you tell I enjoy the Birthday Cake. The flavors we sampled our first visit were, half and half wedding and birthday cake and Cotton Candy. I love sampling new flavors with friends. It always turns into a pleasant version of a Berti Bott's Every Flavor Bean experience I had one Halloween with my family... "what does the grass one taste like?...." ....."grass!" "What does the "pepper one taste like?" ...."oh! pepper!" "what does the vomit one taste like?"............."Ahhhh vomit!!!!!!" cut to my cousin running to the bathroom and vigorously spiting it out. The cotton candy really did taste like cotton candy! It's always so surprising to me. I would love to get through all the flavors by summers end. That would be a very enjoyable month indeed!

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