Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunch Break Staycation

oo la la

Ugh I could definitely do with one of these right now. A few weeks ago, my lovely hubby met me for Lunch! Actually it was the monthaversary of us being married for Jesus ;) (we had 2 weddings, a civil ceremony last year and a big ol' Irish Catholic wedding this June, of which I kept saying..."This ones for Jesus!") He was so sweet and surprised me with a bouquet of hydrangea to remind me of Nantucket (where we met) and took me to Le Pain Quotidien for yummy sandwiches. Right next to the bakery on 53rd street is a little alcove with a waterfall and tables and chairs for outdoor lunching. We grabbed our baguettes and snatched up a table. As we were chatting and sampling the sandwiches we had selected, I realize that I felt so relaxed and so out of NYC! It was like a little mini Parisian vacation or I suppose a Parisian style staycation. I went back to work and had a really nice afternoon. I felt so refreshed. Anyone have any ideas where we should try next? What is your favorite place to escape and feel like you are somewhere else. To just put life on hold for 30 mins or a few hours?

mmm sangwig

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