Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Goodness!

Bejapers and Begorah! St. Patty's day is fast approaching, so! (oh I love annoying my Irish husband with those two words. In my terrible Irish accent none the less).

 I thought I would pay tribute to the day by showing some love for all things green! So tomorrow, I will be posting several items to inspire you to partake in a little bit of green on St. Patrick's day, even if it isn't necessarily Irish. We have loads of great, green, glorious things (ooo alliteration) to enjoy on this earth, and these are just a few.... Stay tuned...

Oh and for those of you who love to take poor innocent children and dress them up in ridiculous holiday attire, only to take an unending amount of photos of them to use as black mail when they become loveable but unruly teenagers, check out this amazing "how to" on Oh happy day for the photo above! So stinking cute.

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