Monday, March 14, 2011

Hope for Spring

Photo by Jeffrey Friedl. His blog has some breathtaking photos of the Japanese countryside.

        Hope you had a nice weekend. I spent mine sorting out a bit of spring cleaning (11 hours on Saturday! Eep!) but I have to say the house is in great shape and having everything organized definitely helps to chase those winter blues away. It has been a long, cold one this year but in light of the recent news overseas, I are reminded that we are lucky in countless ways. As we don't have cable, I've been catching up on the news in Japan online. It is truly heartbreaking what the citizens and their loved ones are going through. I'm planning on donating to one of the following charities, but is always hard to decide where one's money will make the most difference. How are you planning to help? Does anyone have any other suggestions of how we can lend our sympathy and support?

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