Monday, July 21, 2014

2 years and 7 months

Two years and seven months! Has it really been that long since my last post?! It seems like only yesterday I was wondering what my next step would be after leaving my job, but still living in NYC, which I wasn't really sure I loved anymore. The possibilities were endless, but I actually felt really stuck. Then life took off, and I'm only now catching up! If I were really technically savvy, I would insert one of those "2.5 years in 60 seconds" videos that are constantly headlining on YouTube, or for the funniest version I just came across....

So true isn't it. A ton of experiences may happen in a year, but to those not so attune your life, it would appear that nothing much has happened at all. Listen, I may look the same but am sooo enlightened on the inside y'all, seriously (not seriously).

But really a lot has happened. It is all apparent as I sit typing this out, in my kitchen in Ireland, while my little man Milo has just woken up from his much needed nap. A baby, a move, a new job and 8 months of Mat. leave in 2.5 years, and like I'm sure many people can relate to, most of the time has seemed like mundane day to day moments,  with a few of the best times in my life mixed in. I figured if I didn't sit back down and start documenting, I wouldn't remember them at all, or I wouldn't notice and appreciate how many good things occur on a day to day basis. I have journals, I have baby books, but it seems like blogging really is the best way to capture the days, moments and occasions; or even a really nice cup of tea that I just had, that makes a rainy day not so bad.

I'll get there. As the last 3 months of my leave begin, I've made a pact to try and post most days and really soak up the rest of the Irish summer and precious moments with my baby boy. I've wasted a lot of time trying to make my blog "be something," instead of just letting it be what it needs to be - which is what's important and what's real. So I'll be back soon. But for now life is calling.

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