Monday, July 28, 2014

Love the place you live

One of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, has been running a series for the last few years called "Love the place you live." It's a wonderful concept. The owner of the blog, Gabrielle Blair is the mother of 6, designer, and overall crafty lady! She and her family love to travel (they lived in Normandy for a year which was fascinating to follow) but as she says, you don't need to go further than your own back yard to experience the joys of travelling.  Between settling in after our move and growing our family over the last few years, I'm sad to say we've hardly explored all the wonderful activities that living in Ireland has to offer. Still on our list are Giant's Causeway, Belfast, Cork, Kylemore Abbey, The Puck Fair, Newgrange and many more! Now that Milo is a little bit older, we feel a bit easier about heading out on adventures with the little guy in tow.

This weekend we had a little mini excursion to town, to experience a bit of the City Soul Picnic in Merrion Square Park. I have to admit I was a little reluctant to go as house work was on my mind (dumb!) and the thought of walking through a packed street fair felt daunting. I'm so glad we went and got out for a little while to experience something different. If I had know what the event was like, (loads of green space and picnic blankets, not a street fair) we could have made more of an effort, brought our own blankets, Milo's stroller and ear defenders and made an afternoon of it, but like I said, even just a few hours out was better than none at all! 

The real reason we went was to see the Dublin Gospel Choir, which Daryll will be performing with at the end of August at the Electric Picnic music festival! They were wonderful! The soloists were strong and the group had a very smooth and unified sound. We went around 12:30ish which was at the start of the event so it was actually lovely and relaxed, and there weren't too many people. There were loads of food stalls set up (Wok and Roll Thai looked/smelled especially amazing!)

 but we foolishly only had 6 euros to rub together so we ended up getting the smallest and driest hot dogs known to man. So sad! Ah well it filled us up at that moment anyway, just don't make the same mistake we did! After about an hour, Milo started rubbing his eyes and cuddling into us and we knew nap time was here. We only had our trusty Ergobaby carrier, so we packed up and headed back to the car. It was just as well because as we drove out of the city centre we looked back in the mirror and he was sound asleep. Success! We avoided the dreaded melt down that occurs when nap time is postponed and over tiredness takes over. We'll try for another day out next weekend.

If you are interested in similar upcoming events around Dublin, head on over to the Dublin City website. There is a festival coming up next weekend that we might look at; An Urban Fleadh over in Wolfe Tone Park, that looks like it celebrates Irish traditional/fusion music. Also, night street fairs are ongoing for the months of July and August in Temple bar, which sounds like a great potential date night out, with dinner and browsing while meandering around the city. For a complete events and recommendations listing in the city, I love Time Out Dublin. The New York site always served us well for fun activities that you might not come up with on your own. If an adventure elsewhere in the country strikes your fancy, check out Discover Ireland. They have a great list with enough diversity to suit any one's interest! The Galway Races start this week and I'd love to go but we haven't really budgeted or planned for a big event like that. We will definitely have to make it a priority next year.

We wrapped up the weekend with a bit of grocery shopping and an early night. We all pretty much looked like this little guy here! Exhausted!

Family, Friends, etc. have any fun plans coming up?! Leave a comment and let me know. I'd be so interested to learn about fun events on the horizon! Also, if you have a blog or similar outlet and would like to do a "Love the place you live" post to share, get in touch. I'd love to check it out!

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