Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Standing on your own two feet

Tiny Milo toe toes 2 months old

Yesterday you were seven months and 22 days old. You had such energy all day and couldn't stop crawling, investigating and pulling up on things. We spent a bit of time in the afternoon just playing in your room and letting you crawl around to see what interested you. You kept switching between studying a few books on the floor and trying to pick them up, to pulling up strong on the books already in the racks trying with all your might to stand. This went on for a while and I wondered if you were starting to make connections to the books on the floor and the books on the rack. Did you know that they were meant to be put away with the rest? It's amazing to watch your brain work this week, starting to notice commonalities in your toys, how to shake shake your mouse, or anything that jingles, and waving at that baby in the mirror. 

We were talking with Grammy on facetime, like we do most afternoons this summer and you were so happy to see her and eager to get to her. I happened to have the phone at the edge of the bed, facing you, and you were looking up at her. You crawled over to the bed, got your feet under yourself carefully, and started to grab at the duvet. Slowly and methodically you started to pull and rearrange your feet until you were like a triangle with your bum in the air. Then bit by bit you grasped higher and higher until you were standing with a huge smile on your face for Grammy. I missed capturing the moment, picture and video wise, but your Grammy was able to witness this huge milestone in real time, even a world away, which was absolutely priceless. I'm so proud of you baby boy; of your determination, tenacity, and pride in your own success. It is wonderful to watch you love your family, and the happiness you get out of just seeing a familiar face or hearing a familiar voice. 

You haven't been sleeping well this week leading up to this point, which is what the books say can happen when trying to reach a milestone. Well that makes sense now, and reminds me to be patient with you as you experience minor setbacks in your development, because that just means strength, growth and success are just around the corner, even if it doesn't happen as quickly as I would like. Because before I know it those little feet that are so tiny now will be filling your first pair of shoes as you take your first steps to me, and then suddenly even bigger still, as you take your first steps away and out to the world. 

xx mama

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